October 2016
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The Brand Awareness Bullseye by Felicia Rogers
As time goes on, building brand awareness is becoming more and more difficult. You might wonder how that is possible. Hear me out. Media, in seemingly endless forms, has a huge influence on our lives. We humans are inundated with messages: verbal, written, visual. Experts tell us that advertising messages alone come at us thousands of times each day. Add to those other marketing messages, personal conversations, text messages, email, news feeds, social media activity, and so on. I’m distracted just writing these words.
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Data Fusion Webinar
"Fusing Marketing Research & Data Science" Webinar
This webinar discusses a methodology and case study on combining marketing research and data science to deliver greater insights than could be achieved with either big data only or with survey data only.
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Little Data
Little Data
The truth is that the solution to marketing and business problems—and the identification of strategic opportunities—often lies in the realm of little data, not big data.
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Ethnography Blog
Ethnography: How It Can Help You Win the Hearts of Your Customers
Your organization can utilize ethnography ("people watching") to provide in-depth knowledge about your consumers. It allows your team to build stronger brands and better products and to optimize messaging...to grow your business and improve profitability.
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Woth a Thousand Words
Worth A Thousand Words
Traditional ethnography, as applied to marketing research, involves the analyst spending time observing the consumer in her natural lair, so to speak, as she goes about buying and using a product or service. But ethnography doesn’t stop there.
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