September 2016
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Known Knowns and Other Unknowns by Jerry W. Thomas
Several years ago, Donald Rumsfeld, then Secretary of Defense, spoke eloquently about Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and the dreaded Unknown Unknowns. Mr. Rumsfeld omitted one category, however, and that is Unknown Knowns. These four sets of simple word-pairs convey powerful conceptual ideas with relevance to developing marketing plans and marketing strategies—as well as military strategies. Marketing decisions based on Knowns—truth, facts, and evidence—are far more likely to succeed than those based on hopes, wishes, and mythology.
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Market Segmentation
"Advertising Pretesting" Webinar
Advertising helps create awareness of a brand, a message, or an idea. The simple act of building awareness is the first step toward effective advertising. In this webinar on Advertising Pretesting we will provide an overview of various types and methods of advertising pretesting systems. This webinar will be presented October 12th, 2016.
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Comparison of Segmentation Approaches
Dark Energy in the Digital Age
Okay, so how is a brand to really know if its digital advertising is working? The ultimate measuring stick is survey-based ad tracking. Perhaps at no time in the past 75 years has survey-based advertising tracking been more important than it is right now, given all the turmoil in media technology and media choices.
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Product Usage Studies
More Homeowners Now Use The Internet Rather Than A Contractor For HVAC Purchase Information
In 2016, more than half of homeowners surveyed said they used the Internet as a source of information before their recent purchase of a central HVAC system, while less than half said they relied on their HVAC contractor’s recommendation.
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Diary Research
American Home Comfort Study
The American Home Comfort Study is the largest knowledge base of homeowner behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes related to energy efficiency, home comfort, and HVAC.
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