Identifying the Product Claims that will Drive Consumer Interest

  • New Car Clinic
    Category: National Food Manufacturer

    Methods: MaxDiff, Claims Testing
    , Advanced Analytics

Our client, a national food manufacturer, has a popular brand that offers products in several related grocery categories. This client had developed a large number of product claims that were applicable across the grocery categories. They wanted to determine the relative importance of the claims as well as their ability to drive purchase interest.

Strategic Issues

The client had a list of more than 50 product claims that were applicable to multiple grocery categories. They needed an efficient way to determine which claims their marketing should focus on.

The client’s brand team was also interested in getting consumer input about the claims from several core customer segments in addition to general-population consumers.

Research Objectives

The primary objective of the research was to identify which food claims were the strongest influencers of product purchases. Specific objectives included the following:

  • Identify the relative influence of each claim across each of the product categories
  • Determine the ideal number of claims required to reach optimal market penetration for each of the product categories
  • Understand any differences in the claims’ influence among key consumer targets
Research Design and Methods

Quantitative claims testing was conducted online using a MaxDiff exercise. The survey instrument was created and reviewed in tandem with the client prior to use. Decision Analyst’s Advanced Analytics team developed the MaxDiff exercise that was employed to test the 50 claims.

The survey instrument was about 20 minutes in length, including the MaxDiff exercise, which took respondents about 10 minutes to complete. The remainder of the survey instrument was dedicated to custom questions designed to understand respondents’ product usage and purchase behaviors.


The client received a detailed report highlighting the specific claims for each product category broken out for each of the core customer groups. A summarized version of the report was co-presented by Decision Analyst and the client to their internal brand team. The findings were used to provide marketing and packaging input for the team.

Claims Testing Research

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