Skincare Product Claims Development Research


A manufacturer of skincare products was interested in assessing the behaviors and opinions of dermatologists in order to develop claims for its brand.

Strategic Issues

Product claims are a well-established way to build trust in a brand and attract new users. The manufacturer needed to not only obtain the data that are required to legally establish market claims but also to keep the data supporting the claim(s) current. This research was intended to find/develop marketing claims that the manufacturer could use in marketplace communications. As such, several potential claims were evaluated in order to find the strongest claim that could be established.

Research Objectives

The skincare manufacturer’s overarching goal was to gauge how well dermatologists rated the company’s brand. Specific objectives included:

  • Validating the manufacturer’s claim or determining how to make it stronger.
  • Uncovering other potential claims of interest.
Research Design and Methods

A national sample of 150 dermatologists who recommend skincare products to their patients completed a 10-minute online survey. In order to cover all objectives, a variety of questions (on topics such as allocation of recommendations, ranking of most recommended brand by patient type, and other client-specific brand claims) were asked in order to fully capture and understand dermatologists’ attitudes and usage of skincare brands.


The research revealed several strong claims that the company could make for its leading product, as well as several for the product line/brand overall. Use of these claims has helped the company bring new users to the brand and reinforce customer loyalty.

Marketing Research Services

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