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    If you’re marketer or seller of anything you’re often going to be dealing with potential customers who aren’t going to take your word for how great your product is. They’ll want some type of “objective evidence.”

    It’s like you’re the plaintiff in the “court of the marketplace,” and the customer is the judge. (Or if it’s a group purchase decision, they’re the jury.) For them to rule in favor of your product or service, they’re going to want to hear independent, unbiased evidence that supports your case.


  • 6Dec
    The Importance of “Why”
    Posted by Stan Hazen
    Asking Why Questions

    Marketing is essentially about creating, communicating, and delivering products and services that have value for customers. Marketing research is about gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information to help accomplish that as effectively and successfully as possible.

    In marketing, there’s almost always a need for research—a need for information to help identify or assess challenges and opportunities, or to guide decisions and actions. There are also all kinds of questions that might be asked and the most important questions in marketing are always about “why.”

  • Marketing Research

    Recently, I saw a spirited discussion on LinkedIn about issues that client-side market researchers sometimes have with research suppliers’ business development efforts.

    That LinkedIn post and subsequent discussion apparently touched a nerve, as it rapidly sparked hundreds of comments and suggestions from client researchers as well as suppliers. It generated follow-up discussions within our office (a research firm), as I’m sure it did in other research firms and client companies. Even as some time has passed, I’ve found myself continuing to think about it, so thought I’d share a few thoughts.

  • 22Aug
    Uncertainty in Marketing

    Market researchers, almost by definition, constantly deal with certainty and uncertainty. If there was no uncertainty in the world of marketing—if everything were reasonably known or certain—there wouldn’t be much need for market researchers.

    But, in fact, the world of marketing is full of uncertainty—things not known, not understood, not ever tried, or not even ever imagined. If what we know in the world of marketing would fill a cup, what we don’t know would fill an ocean.


  • Marketing Research

    Curiosity is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and asking questions is one of our most powerful tools.

    Asking questions is critical for virtually all learning and understanding. For all improvement and growth. For innovation. For identifying and solving problems. For evaluating options and making decisions. For prioritizing attention and resources.

  • 28Jul
    Automotive Marketing Research

    It seems like every week you see or hear articles or news items about driverless cars, self-driving cars, autonomous cars.

    Sometimes with a note of skepticism, but more often with a tone of excitement and of amazement with technology, and with the point of view that it’s coming, it’s inevitable, it’s just a matter of time—and isn’t it going to be great and so much better than having people drive cars.

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