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  • 27Feb
    On Offering A Magic Carpet Ride
    Posted by Kathi McKenzie
    Brand identity

    There seems to be some confusion on what, exactly, is a brand. It is not a product. It is not a logo. It is not a bunch of personality traits that we marketers try to convey to consumers. It is much more complex than any of these. So, what exactly is a brand?

    It is not enough to have a good product. Consumers have many choices, and you need to understand how they decide on a brand. You must deliver a brand experience that is somehow different from your competitors. Here are a few things to think about.

  • 16Nov
    Putting Your Best Face Forward
    Posted by Kathi McKenzie
    Packaging Research

    Packaging remains the last chance for a brand to influence consumers.

    With the proliferation of products, the rise of store brands, the role of online shopping, and increasingly discriminating consumers, the task of putting your “best face forward” is more difficult—and more crucial—than ever.

  • 9Aug
    Whose Brand Is It, Anyway?
    Posted by Kathi McKenzie
    Customer Horizon

    How much of your brand narrative do you control? The answer is probably “less than you think.”

    Way back when, marketers sent forth advertising messages, and consumers received them. We all knew that there was such a thing as “word of mouth,” and that it could be powerful. Honestly though, your typical consumer didn’t spend a lot of time talking to her neighbor about what toilet paper they preferred. Companies were content that they, for the most part, controlled their brand narrative.

  • 11Apr
    On Being Frictionless
    Posted by Kathi McKenzie
    Customer Satisfaction

    Lately, there have been a number of articles written about whether a company should aim to be truly frictionless, or if perhaps the ability to offer the consumer a memorable experience is somehow at odds with being frictionless.

    In other words, does being frictionless equate to being invisible? I am going to argue no to that notion. Come on! Friction is what gets on our last remaining frayed nerve, so let’s have less of that, please!

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