To The Victor Belong The Spoils: A Few Thoughts for Home Service Providers
by Garry Upton

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    When was the last time you sat in a management meeting bemoaning the fact that an idea similar to the one you and your company had come up with was introduced by a competitor or by someone outside your industry and it had become a huge success? Everyone in the conference room had talked about it and each had a plan. However, the company was unwilling to commit because they/you lacked confidence in knowing enough of the right answers to actually make it work and/or the cost was too high.
The Good News Is There Seems To Always Be Another Opportunity…

The question is, will you and your team of leaders be ready for the next opportunity? Or will you once again talk about it, maybe even build a plan, but miss another opportunity because you did not have the confidence to act?

For Many, When A New Opportunity Exists…

Companies from over 20 industries may qualify and compete for the golden ring. And again your company will not act and the winner may come from one of the existing 20 industries, or may be a brand new player with a vision, the research, start up capitol, and the ability to claim it.

The New Opportunity I Am Now Focused On Is The Home Services Opportunity…

I specialize in working with clients who provide products and services to homeowners. While conducting research over the years, we have learned that today's homeowners want a way to call multiple home services by reaching out to just one group. They are tired of calling many different home services companies separately, either remembering the names of each or keeping them on a list of home services in their phone. As the homeowners' requirements for more home services shift, there is a greater need for a single source number/email/website which, when reached, will connect to many services. A way to reach such disparate services including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, insulation, carpentry, lawn service, maid service, just to mention a few. (Source: HVAC Service Call)

Homeowners Are Ready For Some Kind Of Service Provider Offering Multiple Services…

There are a number of home services companies who have already begun the move toward providing that single contact (phone number, website, etc.) for multiple home services. Some home services contractors have. Listing services like Angie's List have. And the EPA has identified a list of energy services that have too. Who will step up and help build these new multiple home services contacts (website, email, phone, texts, etc.)? And how will they be built? The willing company with the vision to take the steps, make the investment, and do the research will ultimately succeed.

Decision Analyst is a valuable resource for the company willing to take the steps needed to create this new business model. We are one of the only consultative, full-service research companies with the industry expertise to see you through the process and help your business succeed.

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