Automotive Marketing Research

  • Automotive Marketing Research
    Brilliant Insights. Anyone can create something complex. It takes brilliant insight to make it simple.
    Decision Analyst is committed to improving strategic business decision-making. It’s the firm’s way of making the world a better place and helping its clients reach their market potential.

    Whether developing strategic marketing plans, developing new products, or reshaping brand and image, the scientific methods utilized and the great array of research tools available help drive the risk and uncertainty from strategic marketing decisions.

    Decision Analyst’s core competencies are sophisticated custom research investigations and high-level analytics. Qualitative research, market and competitive intelligence, econometric analyses, advanced quantitative research designs, and powerful analytics are combined to identify business opportunities and solve marketing problems.

Decision Analyst delivers a synergistic blend of primary research, analytical consulting, and modeling to help companies:

  • Build stronger brands.
  • Optimize new product design.
  • Increase advertising effectiveness.
  • Enhance customer experience and engagement.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.
Our Solutions for the Automotive Industry
Branding & Strategy

Smart, Creative Ways to Stand Out and Get Attention in the Marketplace.

Core Solutions


Case Study: Why Can’t We Compete? An Ethnographic Evaluation of the Brand Image

A premium division of an OEM was struggling to understand why its brand did not compete more effectively in the prestige automotive space. In order to provide answers, they needed to understand, from a marketing perspective and from a product standpoint, what was meaningful and motivating to luxury vehicle buyers. Decision Analyst conducted a multistage qualitative study to determine their position relative to the competition and to identify action steps for improvements.

New Product Optimization

Right idea, right product, at the right time and price.

Core Solutions


Case Study: Finding That Revolutionary New Product! Using Choice Modeling to Refine a New Product Concept

An automotive OEM was in search of that next big new product idea to fill an unmet consumer need and to relaunch a category that had not seen much innovation or growth in recent years. Our client came up with an idea and asked Decision Analyst to design a consumer research program to help them to determine the potential for this new product, who would buy it, and what the optimal features and pricing configuration should be. Decision Analyst recommended an online quantitative study that included a detailed choice model design and a DecisionSimulator™ to identify the optimal consumer segments and product-line offerings.

Advertising & Communication

Knowing what your audience needs and wants, then getting them to listen and believe.

Core Solutions


Case Study: Choosing Advertising Approaches Between Alternative Storyboards

An advertising agency representing a major manufacturer of automotive aftermarket parts had developed two different TV advertisement concepts. Both concepts had been created as storyboards, and the advertising agency was asked by their client to provide clear rationale for proceeding to finished film with just one of the two.

New Vehicle Launch Evaluation

Develop winning competitive strategies

Core Solutions

  • Segment Intender Surveys
  • Early Buyer Studies
  • Rejector Evaluation

Case Study: New Vehicle Launch Evaluation

A global automotive OEM launched a redesigned version of its best-selling vehicle in the U.S. The vehicle was among the leaders in its segment. Some considered it to be a “benchmark” vehicle. Because of the importance of its role within their portfolio, our client was keenly interested in how the redesigned vehicle would perform upon introduction.

Customer Experience Optimization

Help your customers meet their goals.

Core Solutions

  • Customer Needs Identification
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Measurement

Case Study: Measuring Customer Satisfaction Among Preowned Vehicle Buyers

As a premium automobile retailer with multiple locations, our client has a very strong customer service culture; you might say that customer satisfaction excellence is built into this company’s DNA. For years the automobile retailer conducted their own in-house customer satisfaction study to carefully collect information from its preowned vehicle buyers.

However, due to expanding locations, the client decided to outsource the study. Decision Analyst was awarded the contract to update and automate the customer satisfaction program, providing real-time results in a dashboard format, accessible by password for key members of the client’s management team.

Research Philosophy

Research Philosophy

Marketing Research Services

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