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Tracking Research

New and established products give rise to the need for tracking awareness, trial, usage, and image (either continuously or periodically). Typically, our tracking research is conducted by telephone or over the Internet through our large consumer panel of online households.

Advertising Tracking (CopyTrack®)

As new advertising copy is introduced, or as new competitive copy is introduced, advertising tracking can be an important source of learning and feedback for strategy evolution, advertising improvement, and evaluation of media weight levels. In particular, we focus upon tracking brand and advertising awareness, message recall, and key image dimensions.

Attitudinal/Image Tracking

Attitudes and images within, and relative to, a product category change over time. Every two to three years (depending upon this rate of change), a comprehensive attitudinal/image assessment is desirable to serve as a platform for marketing planning, new product development, and competitive intelligence.

New Product/Test Market Tracking

Systematically monitoring awareness, trial, and repeat purchase rates for new products is a valuable application of telephone tracking or Internet-based tracking. Usually, this tracking data is combined with other data (shipments, store audits, scanner data, and distribution checks) for a full evaluation of the test market.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Tracking

This can be an important component in the overall marketing research plan, as long as it is carefully planned and limited in its demands upon customers (lest we offend them with customer satisfaction surveys). Sometimes, the very best customer satisfaction tracking does not involve any formal surveys. We strive to help our clients design and implement efficient and unobtrusive satisfaction measurement systems.

Brand Equity Monitor™

Decision Analyst’s Brand Equity Monitor™ is a comprehensive metric that measures relative brand preference based on all aspects of the brand including both rational and emotional perceptions of the products/services, customer service, images, and supply or availability in the marketplace.

Tracking Research Services

For more information on Tracking Research, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO (, or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.

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